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Der weiße Hai, der nicht funktionierte

02 Jun, 2012 · Sascha · Film

Sehr schöner Ausschnitt aus einer Doku über ‘Der weiße Hai’ von Steven Spielberg. Filmfans wissen, dass Spielberg unglaubliche Schwierigkeiten mit dem Haimodell hatte, aber wusstet Ihr schon, dass der Hai Bruce hieß, lange bevor er ins Kino kam bereits im Time Magazine war und George Lucas nicht nur Filmfranchise, sondern auch mechanische Haie zerstört? Man kann heute nur dankbar sein, dass der Hai nicht funktionierte. Bruce schenkte uns durch seine Probleme einen besseren Film und die Karriere eines großen Filmemachers.

Spielberg kommentiert das in seinem grandiosen Interview mit Quint von AICN folgendermaßen:

It was worth it because, for number one, Close Encounters, which was a film I had written and a film nobody seemed to want to make, everybody seemed to want it right after Jaws was a hit. So, the first thing Jaws did for me was it allowed a studio, namely Columbia, to greenlight Close Encounters. For number two, it gave me final cut for the rest of my career. But what I really owe to Jaws was creating in me a great deal of humility, about tempering my imagination with just sort of the facts of life.”

In the best interview Spielberg’s done, Quint from Aint It Cool spoke to him in considerable depth about his career and the crappy shark that changed it forever. He speaks on giving personality to special effects, his personal drive, and a dozen other topics. It’s a revealing talk, but one of the clear indications is that going through hell is sometimes necessary, but the rewards are also worth it.

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