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14 alternative Poster zu ‘Drive’

18 Jan, 2012 · Sascha · Film

EMPIRE hat sich mit dem Designstudio, das für die Poster und Marketingsachen für ‘Drive’ und noch viel mehr verantwortlich war, zusammengesetzt und alternative Poster diskutiert, die nicht genommen wurden. Unglaublich cool. Hier nur 3, mehr gibt’s bei EMPIRE.

“We wanted to try a really modern, cleaner look here. Obviously, the quote stood out for us, and we do sometimes put quotes on posters, but they’re not often as good as this one. I think we ended up using the quote on a press ad, as it happens.”

“Ryan almost looks like something out of Duran Duran here. Possibly the most ‘80s of our posters – even though, of course, it’s not set in that era. For me, it’s got a Francis Ford Coppola vibe, a Brian De Palma thing going on with the music and some of the clothes. As for the quote at the top, what happens is we’re normally given a selection of stuff and we pull out what we think works from a market point of view, and that one just seemed like a great quote to run with. So powerful – and something we 100 percent agreed with.”

“By this point we’d realised the strength of the film’s title, and made a few tweaks: Ron Perlman instead of Oscar Isaac, more airbrushing. We were going for a more cultish, b-movie-ish feel, basically. Very similar to the last one in terms of direction and elements, but now it’s got a proper tagline now too – we always come up with a few, and I guess this was a way of telling a bit more of the story.”