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LOST Finale Gedenktag

23 May, 2011 · Sascha · Fernsehen

Genau ein Jahr ist vergangen, seitdem LOST das letzte mal über meinen LCD flimmerte. Ich habe heute daran oft denken müssen. Sehr oft sogar. LOST bedeutete und bedeutet mir immer noch sehr viel. Das klingt doof, es ist immerhin eine TV Serie, aber weißt Du was? Wenn du ein Problem damit hast, dann hau halt ab. Ich kann Dich aber nachvollziehen. LOST war nicht nur eine Show, LOST war eine Reise. Das versteht nicht jeder, aber das ist okay. Das versteht nur, wer teilnahm. Das tat ich und es fehlt mir. Ich trauere. Ich vermisse die Charaktere. Ich vermisse die Leute mit denen man nach jeder Episode diskutiert hat. Man freute sich schon fast mehr auf die Diskussionen in Foren danach, auf Parodien, auf Witze, auf emotionale Szenen erneut durchleben, auf “Bild für Bild”-Analysen, weil da ja vielleicht doch das Monster zu sehen war hinter dem Busch und es sich dann doch nur als Kameramann herausstellte. Das vermisse ich schon fast mehr als die eigentliche Serie. Mir ging es heute nicht alleine so. Millionen Fans haben heute erneut getrauert, dass die große Reise vorbei ist. Auch Showrunner Damon Lindelof trauerte heute. Er spricht mir aus dem Herzen.

Ein Fan hat außerdem dieses wunderbare “LOST/Herr der Ringe”-MashUp gemacht. Ich weine nicht… ich weine nic— awwww…..

Die Washington Post hat außerdem heute Lindelof und andere gefragt, welches eine Detail sie am Finale ändern würden, wenn sie es könnten. Lindelofs Antwort:

“Carlton [Cuse] and I have already gone on record and said that the credits would have basically rolled over black as opposed to those images of the fuselage and the gently lapping waves. I think that image system created a lot of unnecessary agita, not just for us but for the fans of the show. And it was not our intention.

To say that we would change anything else, you know — it sounds obnoxious to say we wouldn’t change a thing, but the fact of the matter is we had many opportunities [to change things] not just in the shooting but in the editing and in the finalizing of the finale itself. That piece of material was at the most sort of cynical projections, three years in the making, though we would argue it was longer.

To say we would have done things differently in hindsight is disingenuous. I can’t speak for him, by the way. Carlton might have an entirely different set of opinions. I actually loved doing interviews with him while we were on the show together because we have slightly different feeling about the run of the show and all that stuff, I think it’s great that we’re now free to comment on it as individuals, as opposed to the fabricated construct of Darlton.”

Einen verdammt richtigen Beitrag in dieser Diskussion liefert Nikki Stafford, die sich auf Sayids Konstante und die Diskrepanz zwischen Shannon und Nadia bezieht.

“I loved the ‘Lost’ finale, and thought it was near-perfect. However, if there’s one thing I could change about it, it would be that Sayid’s constant in the sideways world would be Nadia, and not Shannon. We watched him chase Nadia for six seasons, he’d known her since childhood, he’d been searching for her for eight years, and he was married to her for nine months. He was with Shannon for two weeks, and they were two miserable weeks where Boone died, she fell apart and tried to kill Charlie, and then she was murdered. Not exactly a blissful moment in Sayid’s life.

“When Sayid was reunited with Nadia when he became one of the Oceanic 6, that kiss he gave her outside the press conference is one of the best moments of the series. She’d come back from the dead in a way, because Sayid believed he’d never see her again. They got married, and her death is what sent him on a murderous rampage. So to suggest that after death, his only way to move forward into the afterlife was to be with… SHANNON… just seemed like a cheat. ‘Lost’ fans can explain it away (even I tried to in my book), and I’ve had a lot of people try to convince me why she worked — Nadia reminded him of the killer and torturer he used to be; Shannon was someone who loved him for who he was, yadda yadda — but in the end, I just can’t buy it. It was a bid to bring Maggie Grace back onto the show for a cameo, and it felt cheap. I wish Sayid had crossed over with Nadia, his one true love.”

Abgesehen davon war das Finale perfekt. Achja, dieser Blogeintrag liest sich 200% besser, wenn man dabei das hier hört.