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Pearl Harbor IMDB Trivia

03 Jan, 2011 · Sascha · Film

Ich habe gerade den größten Spaß seit langem so früh am Morgen und ich weiß nicht ob das am Schlafentzug oder Michael fucking Bay liegt oder an beidem. Jedenfalls, man kann über den Mann sagen was man will, aber letztendlich zählt in Hollywood oft leider nur eins: erfolgreiche Zahlen – und die liefert der durchtrainierte, langhaarige Adonis seit über einem Jahrzehnt. Deshalb wird Bay auch noch Jahrzehnte Stories auf die Leinwand bringen, und ja, das erfreut mich, denn dann kann ich weiterhin morgens die Nachbarschaft aufwecken, wenn ich die Trivia zu seinen Filmen lesen werde.

Pearl Harbor

  • Michael Bay’s least favorite shot in the movie is the cutaway dur ing the Doolittle Raid to the Japanese women turning and seeing the attack in the distance. On the DVD commentary, he admits he has no idea why this shot is in the movie or what he was trying to achieve in shooting it.
  • Earned a place in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the movie with the most explosives used.
  • The after-premiere party for the film is said to have cost more than the production costs of Billy Elliot – I Will Dance (2000) (!!!).
  • The production budget for the film was at the time the largest ever given to a movie before filming started – $140 million.
  • (Absoluter Brüller) Planes were flown over the disused Marine Corps Air Station Tustin base in Tustin, CA, to be composited into the film. This caused some residents in the extremely conservative area of Orange County to believe that a war was starting and they were being attacked.
  • According to director Michael Bay, he always wanted to make an R-rated movie but that the problem was that young children would not be able to see it, and he felt that they should. As such, when he was ordered by Disney to make a PG-13 movie, he didn’t argue.