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Takeshi Shudo †

30 Oct, 2010 · Sascha · Alles sonst so

Takeshi Shudo, Erfinder und Autor von Pokémon, ist gestern im Alter von 61 Jahren gestorben.

Takeshi Shudo was a great man as he was the cause of many children’s delight, for the lovable cartoon characters that he had created. He was the main writer for Pokemon Anime in Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto arcs. He also wrote the first three Pokemon films. He has also been acclaimed for creating the “unusual intelligence” of the two characters created by him, namely Minky Momo and Goshogun. Takeshi Shudo has worked as a writer for several well known companies like Studio Ghibli. After working there for several years, he was finally signed by the The Pokmon Company. The company was so impressed with his creativity and efforts that he got the position of the chief writer almost immediately. via