Happy 30th Max Headroom TV Hack

22 Nov, 2017 · Sascha · Fernsehen

Vor genau 30 Jahren gelang bis heute Unbekannten mit einer Max Headroom Maske und creepigem Geplapper der berühmteste Medienhack in der Geschichte des Fernsehens. Chapeau!

“He’s a freaky nerd!”/”He’s a freaking nerd!”
“This guy’s better than Chuck Swirsky.”/”Yeah, I think I’m better then Chuck Swirsky.: (a WGN-TV sportscaster at the time)
“Oh Jesus!”
“Catch the wave.” (a reference to the New Coke marketing slogan while holding a can of Pepsi)
“Your love is fading.”
(hums the theme song to the 1959 TV series “Clutch Cargo”)
“I still see the X!”/”I stole CBS!”/”I stole some DX!”
“Oh, I just made a giant masterpiece printed all over the greatest world newspaper nerds.”/”Oh, I just made a giant masterpiece for all the greatest world newspaper nerds.”
“My brother is wearing the other one.”
“It’s dirty.”
“They’re coming to get me!”